Watch the Candidate Forum Tonight!


Tonight, at 7pm Eastern Time on Monday November 22, I will be participating in a candidate forum with other applicants for the vacancy in the Maryland House of Delegates from District 15.

The forum will be streamed live on Zoom so I hope you will watch! Here are three steps you can do to help:

Step #1: WATCH
At 7pm click here to watch the forum:

If you know how to do it, please add the word Vote4Ali to your Zoom profile name.
Example: If your name is Xiaofeng Wang, then set your Zoom profile name to Xiaofeng Wang Vote4Ali.
This will show other members of the audience that you support my candidacy.

Step 2: URGE
If after watching the forum, you think I was the best candidate, send an email to letting them know and urging them to appoint me.
Please make sure the email is polite, respectful and concise. Please bcc

Step 3: GIVE
If you like my performance in the forum and you would like to see someone with my ideas in the Maryland House of Delegates, please drop me a donation by clicking here.