The Racist Right-Wing Attacks Have Already Started

When I started my campaign for the Maryland House of Delegates a few months ago, I knew that eventually right-wing activists would mobilize to defeat my candidacy. After all, I’m an outspoken, progressive, American Muslim — all things they cannot abide. But never in a million years did I expect that these attacks would start so early and be filled with such vitriol and racist lies.

Just a few days ago, on October 28th, a former operative for the Republican Party whose Twitter handle is “RisingRedStorm” became so enraged that I was running for office that he published a whole bunch of Tweets promising to bury my candidacy before it even got off the ground. Here’s one of them:



This Republican went on to compare me to Nazis and terrorists in his other tweets which were too disturbing to include here.

Look, the threats being leveled at me from racist right-wingers like Ben Rothenberg don’t scare me. Sticks and Stones. However, I do need your support to push back against his misinformation campaign. I’m obviously not a Nazi or a  terrorist and I need to make sure everyone in District 15 is aware of that. Can you make a donation now to help pay for this effort? Please click here to do so.