“The Return of Saqib Ali”

It’s been just over a month since I announced my campaign for Maryland State Delegate and boy, what a month it’s been!

Usually when someone runs for local public office it is very hard to get anyone to pay attention. But I’ve had no such problem. Top Montgomery County political blogger Adam Pagnucco who writes for the blog Seventh State published an in-depth story covering the entire arc of my political career since 2006. The story is entitled “The Return of Saqib Ali“. Please check it out!!

If you read Adam’s story, you will realize that the political ethos that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has recently become famous for — fierce liberalism, elevating the concerns of communities that are often ignored coupled with savvy use of social media, humor and the willingness to buck her own party’s leadership when necessary — is the exact same political ethos that I have been practicing for well over a decade.

So if you want to reward this style of progressive leadership, and if you want to see it amplified and empowered in Annapolis, I need your help now.

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Please stay safe & wear your masks.

– Saqib