Look At All These Donors!

I announced my candidacy for Maryland State Delegate on June 28 of this year. I’m humbled to say that since that day, my campaign has been blessed by a massive outpouring of support, well wishes and financial contributions.

I wanted to share with you the list of 172 separate donors so far. I’m endlessly grateful for their contributions. They are listed below in alphabetical order by last name.

As large as this list is right now, I need it to get much larger. I urge you to send a contribution today so that I can add your name to this list. If your name is already on this list, please make another contribution. Here is the link where you can donate online. Instructions for mailing a check can also be found there.

  1. Mr. Jameel Aalim-Johnson, Lanham, MD
  2. Mr. Athar Abbasi, Gaithersburg, MD
  3. Mr. Mohammad Afzal, Bowie, MD
  4. Mr. Masood Ahmad, Laytonsville, MD
  5. Mr. Manzar Ahmed, Manassas, VA
  6. Mr. Zia Ahmed, Germantown, MD
  7. Mr. Ahmed Ali, Bethesda, MD
  8. Mr. Omar Ali, Apex, NC
  9. Ms. Rizwana Ali, Apex, NC
  10. Ms. Amrana Ali Esq., Kensington, MD
  11. Dr. Riyad Alie, North Potomac, MD
  12. Mr. Ibraheem Aljayeh, North Haledon, NJ
  13. Mr. Sammy Alqasem, Baltimore, MD
  14. Dr. Aadil Anvery, Chicago, IL
  15. Mr. Harry Appelman, Silver Spring, MD
  16. Dr. Alidad Arabshahi, McLean, VA
  17. Dr. Hassan Ashktorab, Bethesda, MD
  18. Ms. Laila Atallah Esq., Towson, MD
  19. Ms. Jean Athey, Baltimore, MD
  20. Mr. Hammad Awan, Potomac, MD
  21. Dr. Bilal Ayyub, Potomac, MD
  22. Ms. Deena Ayyub, Potomac, MD
  23. Dr. Adila Baig, Ellicott City, MD
  24. Ms. Maria Baroody, Joppa, MD
  25. Ms. Maria Bartolome, Reisterstown, MD
  26. Mr. Malik Gul Baz, Catonsville, MD
  27. Ms. Janice Behne, Montgomery Village, MD
  28. Mr. Seraphya Berrin, Melbourne, Australia
  29. Mr. Andy Billotti, Middletown, MD
  30. Mr. Jim Burnetti, Derwood, MD
  31. Mr. Charlie Carter, Gaithersburg, MD
  32. Catonsville Adult Medical Daycare, Catonsville, MD
  33. Ms. Susan Chan, North Potomac, MD
  34. Mr. Rahim Choudhary, Bowie, MD
  35. Mr. Azim Chowdhury Esq., Rockville, MD
  36. Ms. Lisa Clemans-Cope, Bethesda, MD
  37. Mr. Marc Conaghan, Glasgow, Scotland
  38. Mr. Abdul Dasti, Germantown, MD
  39. Mr. Mannan Dasti, Clarksburg, MD
  40. Ms. Pat Davis, Great Falls, VA
  41. Mr. Ashfaq Dawood, North Potomac, MD
  42. Mr. Brian Doherty, Bethesda, MD
  43. Mr. Philip Farah, Vienna, VA
  44. Mr. Sarwar Faraz, Clarksburg, MD
  45. Mr. Junaid Farooq, Los Angeles, CA
  46. Mr. Osama Farrag, Germantown, MD
  47. Mr. Josh Fernandez, Frederick, MD
  48. Mr. Robert Fischer, Germantown, MD
  49. Ms. Ruth Fischer, Germantown, MD
  50. Ms. Marie France, Cabin John, MD
  51. Mr. Steve France, Cabin John, MD
  52. Mr. Frank Santos Fritz, Silver Spring, MD
  53. Mr. Habib Ghanim, Silver Spring, MD
  54. Ms. Rahmah Ghanim, Silver Spring, MD
  55. Mr. Kashif Ghori, Ashburn, VA
  56. Mr. Howard Gorrell, Willards, MD
  57. Mr. Rohil Hafeez, Bethesda, MD
  58. Mr. Raef Haggag, Germantown, MD
  59. Ms. Fari Haley, Leesburg, VA
  60. Mr. Ilyas Hamidzai, Bethesda, MD
  61. Ms. Roja Hamidzai, Bethesda, MD
  62. Ms. Fouzia Haq, Steel, VA
  63. Ms. James Harris, Sausalito, CA
  64. Mr. Tayab Hasan, Laurel, MD
  65. Dr. Nadia Hashimi, Potomac, MD
  66. Mr. Hashim Hassan, Washington, DC
  67. Dr. Amr Hegazi, Frederick, MD
  68. Mx. Karmen Holman, Silver Spring, MD
  69. Mr. Shengrong Huang, North Potomac, MD
  70. Mr. Tariq Husain, North Potomac, MD
  71. Ms. Sara Husein-Bazar, Chantilly, VA
  72. Mr. Mohammad Hussain, Boyds, MD
  73. Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Damascus, MD
  74. Mr. Harry Iceland, Rockville, MD
  75. Ms. Carolynn Isackson, Montgomery Village, MD
  76. Mr. Grant Izmirlian, Germantown, MD
  77. Ms. Farah Jaffer, Westfield, NJ
  78. Dr. Hasan Jafri, North Potomac, MD
  79. Mr. Muhammad Jameel, Reisterstown, MD
  80. Dr. Nidal Jboor, Dearborn Heights MI
  81. Dr. Laveen Kanal, Silver Spring, MD
  82. Mr. Sahal Kango, Rockville, MD
  83. Mr. Fundy Kasuri, Lahore, Pakistan
  84. Mr. Mordechai Kaufman, University Heights, OH
  85. Ms. Susan Kerin, Rockville, MD
  86. Mr. Arsalan Khalid, Spring, TX
  87. Ms. Aliyah Khan, Sterling, VA
  88. Dr. Faisal Khan, Sterling, VA
  89. Ms. Fariha Khan, North Potomac, MD
  90. Mr. Imran Khan, Milton, GA
  91. Mr. Shahzad Khan, San Diego, CA
  92. Ms. Tasnuva Khan, Silver Spring, MD
  93. Dr. Zia Khan, Falls Church, VA
  94. Mr. Omar Khawaja Esq., Houston, TX
  95. Mr. Ramzi Khoursheed, McLean, VA
  96. Mr. Ronnie Kingsley, Clarksburg, MD
  97. Mr. Jesse Kireyev, Davis, CA
  98. Ms. Andrea Kline, Silver Spring, MD
  99. Mr. Steven Lapham, Gaithersburg, MD
  100. Mr. Tariq Lateef, Boyds, MD
  101. Ms. Jess Li, North Potomac, MD
  102. Mr. Randall Luttenberg, Silver Spring, MD
  103. Mr. Faheem Mahmooth, Silver Spring, MD
  104. Mr. Bhavesh Maisheri, Gaithersburg, MD
  105. Mr. Rashid Makhdoom, North Potomac, MD
  106. Dr. Chip Manekin, Washington, DC
  107. Dr. Erum Marfani, Frederick, MD
  108. Mr. Iqbal Marfani, Glen Burnie, MD
  109. Ms. Sitara Maruf, Rockville, MD
  110. Dr. Anwar Masood, Germantown, MD
  111. Mr. Yashar Mateen, Forest Hill, MD
  112. Mr. Ali Memon, Gaithersburg, MD
  113. Ms. Razia Memon, Gaithersburg, MD
  114. Mr. Shahbaz Merchant, West Des Moines, IA
  115. Mr. Humayun Mirza, Bethesda, MD
  116. Mr. Abbas Mohammed, San Jose, CA
  117. Mr. Zeki Mokhtarzada, Silver Spring, MD
  118. Mr. Khurram Mozaffar, Arcadia, CA
  119. Mr. Farouq Musa, Silver Spring, MD
  120. Ms. Salma Musa, Silver Spring, MD
  121. Mr. Jamal Najmi, North Potomac, MD
  122. Mr. Baqar Naqvi, Olney, MD
  123. Mr. Shuja Nawaz, Alexandria, VA
  124. Mr. Thomas Nephew, Takoma Park, MD
  125. Mr. Aamir Nooruddin, Clarksville, MD
  126. Mr. Mohamad Obaidy, Gaithersburg, MD
  127. Ms. Elizabeth Odina, Gaithersburg, MD
  128. Dr. Esam Omeish, Fairfax, VA
  129. Mr. Marwan Oweis, North Potomac, MD
  130. Mr. Donald Pelles, Silver Spring, MD
  131. Mr. Mark Peterson, Grovetown, GA
  132. Mr. Mitchell Plitnick, Germantown, MD
  133. Mr. Hayder Qaadri, Lanham, MD
  134. Dr. Faisal Qazi, Fullerton, CA
  135. Ms. Rubina Rahman, Sandy Spring, MD
  136. Mr. Sabir Rahman, Sandy Spring, MD
  137. Mr. Zaka Raja, Sterling, VA
  138. Ms. Nina Rana, Potomac, MD
  139. Mr. Saeed Rana, Potomac, MD
  140. Dr. Mudusar Raza, Frederick, MD
  141. Mr. Robert Riddle, Hyattsville, MD
  142. Mr. Kaiser Saifudin, Germantown, MD
  143. Ms. Hina Sayed, Ellicott City, MD
  144. Mr. Naqi Sayed, Ellicott City, MD
  145. Mr. Ian Schlakman, Baltimore, MD
  146. Dr. Ehab Shehata, San Diego, CA
  147. Mr. Shehzad Sheikh, McLean, VA
  148. Mr. Chips Shutt, Owings Mill, MD
  149. Ms. Judith Shutt, Owings Mill, MD
  150. Mr. Ahsan Siddiqi, Montgomery Village, MD
  151. Ms. Meher Siddiqui, Rockville, MD
  152. Mr. Shakil Siddiqui, Rockville, MD
  153. Mr. Faisal Siddiqui Esq., Clarksville, MD
  154. Dr. Mary Sies, Greenbelt, MD
  155. Mr. James Sims, Montgomery Village, MD
  156. Mr. Mohammed Smith, College Park, MD
  157. Mr. Zubair Suri, Sterling, VA
  158. Mr. Habib Syed, Washington, DC
  159. Dr. Labib Syed, Pittsford, NY
  160. Mr. Said Syed, Plano, TX
  161. Dr. Sameer Syed, McKinney, TX
  162. Mr. Tolu Taniolu, Brookeville, MD
  163. Ms. Rhonda Thomas, North East, MD
  164. Mr. Robert Thompson, Danbury, CT
  165. Ms. Karla Timmons, Gaithersburg, MD
  166. Ms. Deborah Tolson, Gaithersburg, MD
  167. Mr. Shafiq Umar, Greenbelt, MD
  168. Mr. Mark Vosburgh, Damascus, MD
  169. Mr. Hadi Wali, Germantown, MD
  170. Mr. Zachary Wiita, Silver Spring, MD
  171. Ms. Shelley Winkler, Washington Grove, MD
  172. Dr. Shoaib Zaidi, Karachi, Pakistan