I’m a Gun-Sense Candidate

Our campaign just secured support from another great advocacy organization called Moms Demand Action!

Because I am a strong advocate for sensible gun-control laws in Maryland, they have given me their official seal of approval by recognizing me as a “Gun Sense Candidate”. This will let voters know that I will put the safety of Marylanders over the interests of gun-manufacturers and their lobbyists who have wrought so much damage in our communities.

Like Moms Demand Action, Other community organizations are beginning to roll out endorsements and offer donation support to candidates all across Montgomery County. In order to gain their confidence, they need to see our potential to WIN!

That starts with you joining our team of canvassers to knock doors whenever you can or pitching in a donation today!

Click here to help us out with a donation or text me at 240-813-8110 to let me know if you can volunteer. My opponents have returned from Annapolis — which means they will be collecting checks and campaigning vigorously. We need to keep up with them!

There are less than 100 days left until the election day on July 19th. Please help us get across the finish line!