I Drive My Car on Sunshine!

We all know that human-caused global-warming is an existential threat to life on the planet as we know it. Thats why I have always been a supporter of laws like the Green New Deal that mandate increasing vehicle mileage requirements, incentivize renewable energy, and phase out fossil fuels. The recent report by the IPCC shows that we are on the verge of a global climate catastrophe unless we take dramatic steps immediately.

Not only do I understand the challenge and advocate for bold laws to seriously address the climate emergency, but I also practice what I preach. Since 2019, I have been driving a zero-emission plug-in electric vehicle. And since 2013, I’ve had rooftop solar panels generating the electricity for my home. Below are the photos.



The electricity powering my car is generated by the solar panels on my home’s roof. This means that I literally drive my car on sunshine!

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